Joseph (Jay) F. Moretti, Jr.


I started my life on the East Coast, (near Philadelphia) and after graduating from Archbishop Wood High School for Boys, I attended and graduated from Xavier University. I decided to live in the Cincinnati area and accepted a career position with the Prudential Insurance Company. Ten years later I came to a crossroads in my career planning and chose to take the path of a Financial Planner. Utilizing all  my experience and education, that had been provided to me during what turned out to be a ten year apprenticeship with this giant of the insurance industry, I entered the world of Retirement Planning.
For all of my clients that will be reading this, I THANK YOU!, for your belief in my abilities, professionalism and honesty. So many of you have been with me for my entire thirty-six year professional career. For those who will be meeting me for the first time, I welcome you! It has been a constant uplifting experience for me to meet and begin a relationship with my client’s parents, children and in some cases grandchildren. You have brought your friends to me for my professional services and expertise as well as co-workers, neighbors and other relatives. It has been a rewarding career for me and my family.
As we continue to provide you with financial services and fulfill your needs on into the future, I want to thank you once again for making my life and career path, one that has allowed me to use my God-given skills and intelligence to the max. Believe it or not, there hasn’t been a day that I wished I was doing something else. I’ve been blessed with good clients and I will continue to serve you to the best of my abilities.
Jay Moretti